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As memoirist, NPR commentator and educator, Heather Dune Macadam carries Rena Kornreich Gelissen's message of love and unity to our community because Mrs. Gelissen can no longer speak for herself.

"It is my privilege to be Rena's voice and remind today's children of the importance of the phrase, 'Never Again.' Rena hoped that her story would inspire young people to abolish prejudice and racism in our world and it is our duty to work towards that end," Macadam says.

Ms. Macadam has lectured in schools, libraries, museums and to community groups around the world. Her talks include:

  • Women in the Holocaust (a lecture about Women's Rights and Women's History in relations to genocide and Holocaust studies)
  • Abstract Expressionism and the Holocaust (a lecture that teaches how to see abstract art and connect it to Holocaust studies using art by Rothko and Susan Harmon, whose series of paintings were inspired by the book Rena’s Promise)
  • Finding Inspiration and Hope through the Holocaust (an interactive educational discussion designed to redefine the Holocaust with positive message for humanity)
  • Organic Metaphor in Nonfiction (a literature lecture that discusses the craft of writing and reading creative nonfiction)
  • Mythoir (a week long writing workshop that brings together mythology and memoir)

To book Ms. Macadam for a lecture, informal talk or week long workshop at your school or for a community event, please contact the Rena's Promise Foundation:

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