Promise Project

Help us Discover the Names of Women on the First Transport Auschwitz

We are attempting to find the names of all the young women on the first transport, their registration numbers, and where they were living at the time of the first transport.

The original records of the first transports were destroyed in an attempt to erase these women from history. The first transport left the Poprad train station at 8pm on March 25, 1942 and arrived in Auschwitz on March 26, 1942. The women and girls who survived were in Auschwitz until the Death March in Jan. 1945 and many were not liberated until April or May - over 3 years in the camps.

In March 2012, the surviving family of Adela Gross found their cousin's story in Rena's Promise (Rena knew Adela in Hummene). For the family, her story had been a mystery for 70 years. She was taken by the RHSA one day and no one knew what happened to her. Now we know how she came to be on the first transport and they know what happened to her in Auschwitz, how she died and why.

We dedicate this project to Adela Gross and all the young women who disappeared into Auschwitz on March 26 1942.

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