Rena's Promise Book


"Think in a spacious way. Think on a grand scale." Jackie Fisher of the Royal Navy used to say; "Think in oceans." This adage is just as important when teaching Holocaust studies. Once or twice a week I venture onto twitter and type Holocaust into the search to see what kids are saying about their Holocaust classes. Some are excited about history and marvel at how enraptured they are by the topic, others are so horrified they cannot bear to think about it and still others are bored to death. The Holocaust should be anything but boring. And while it was horrible-all genocides are-it can be taught in an inspiring way.

If we explore interactive means to teaching history and develop a curriculum that connects emotions, critical and moral skills for our students then we are doing more than teaching to the test we are creating future global citizens who will think twice before they allow any minority be marginalized or worse, murdered. That is the purpose of this site and these exercises, which are designed for college and high school students, but can be tailored to any level of education with the teacher's own creative insights.

Please share with our community insights on your own teaching of this material, so we can continue to develop unique and dynamic curriculum to teach human rights in our schools, and our world.